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Aurora Physiotherapy and Fitness Centre

Conveniently located in Central, we provide physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to help you regain full normal function. We are a team of physiotherapists with extensive experience in treating sports and musculoskeletal conditions. Our physiotherapists have advanced Masters degree training, and some with PhD qualifications. We follow an evidence-based approach and take special effort in establishing accurate physical diagnosis for developing treatment program.


Our physios have served as team physiotherapists for the China and/or Hong Kong National teams in the Olympic Games and international sports tournaments. We have also worked with athletes and sports teams at all different levels. With this unique experience, we fully understand the physical and psychological consequences of injuries/diseases on people’s lives. Our role is to ensure that individualized care is provided throughout the rehabilitation process with a well-coordinated recovery plan.


Our treatments are one-on-one. Whilst we utilize a wide spectrum of treatment techniques to reduce pain and improve mobility, our approach to rehabilitation is exercise-based and functionally oriented. All clients must remain committed to the rehabilitation goals so to ensure full recovery. As such we incorporate a fully equipped gym in our treatment area, this sets us apart from many physiotherapy practices. 

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Our Centre

Our place is newly renovated with private treatment areas, a fully equipped open gym and modern equipment facilities.

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